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MC Poker

Feb 27, 2019
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Green Bay WI
So today I dropped off like the 7th box in a week. Lady at the post office asked what I've been doing, must have recognized me! "POKER CHIPS?" she said after told her! I told her we have a running joke that the Post Office is the only one winning with our sickness. Probably a poor choice of words in today's environment but she looked at me all confused. I just laughed and wished her well! But Id be curious to see some of your alls shipping tabs are at over the years. Mine is getting up there!
My standard response to whatcha shipping/receiving question at the post office:

Answer 1: clay
Question 2: clay...really? what's that used for?
Answer 2: lots of things. you'd be surprised. [furrowed brow while trying to figure out wtf is going on]

My postal carrier has me figured out now. He thinks I run a cigar business out of OZ [foh].

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