Possum Lodge / Red Green table ideas?


Sitting Out
Oct 5, 2020
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Central Va.
I just finished doing my 4th poker chip review and signed off, Keep your stick on the Ice and may all your cards be live. Bringing up memories of two people, Red Green and Mike Sexton.

So I got to thinking, what would a Red Green / Possum Lodge Poker table look like?

Please post your ideas in two categories.
1. What would a poker table in the Possum lodge look like?
2. If you were to build a Possum Lodge table for yourself or someone else, what would it look like?

I'll start this off. Clearly the words Possum Lodge would need to be on the table but how?
In the case of #1 what would a table look like in the Lodge? I figure the padded rail would have to be covered in duct tape and the chairs would be a random assortment of lawn chairs and worn out regular household chairs, possibly with missing legs and maybe even a recliner.


3 of a Kind
Nov 28, 2019
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The frozen mountain wilderness of W.Poland, Maine
Cupholders made of appropriately sized pieces of sheet metal ductwork. (as though they were scaled down pieces of the wood stove exhaust duct)

I'd actually make the rail look like it was was repurposed from old car seat upholstery... naturally patched in places with duct tape.

"Log Cabin Style" table legs.

Centerpiece of the felt.....

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