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Jul 27, 2019
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Was a hell of a run (a little over two years), but I think I've finally fallen victim to having a package swiped from my porch. That is unless UPS just dropped the package at the wrong house, but I'm cynical about it.

Thankfully it wasn't a chip or poker related package (I'd be losing my shit if it was given the money involved in most cases), but I'm still miffed nonetheless.

I have a security camera that I bought but I'm just too lazy to put up because I didn't want to drill a hole through my house and mount it. Guess I'm going to have to bite the bullet and hang it now.

For chip purchases in the future, I'm going to request the seller to send any package with signature confirmation for this reason. I don't want to risk it, especially with chips that cost more than what I just lost.

Sorry for ranting all, just wanted to get that off my chest. My wife is sick of hearing my bitching and moaning about it already.
Makes me glad my neighborhood has a parcel box for larger packages. I also have my FedEx deliveries go to our Walgreens, which is really close to our house. I trust no one anymore. World is filled with asshats.
Sorry to hear, I often do signature confirmation as well because of this. People suck. :tdown:
Sorry to hear that! Just today I received notice that a package of chips were delivered, but they didn't actually arrive for over 2 hours after. Was freaking out a bit for a while. Hopefully your package is still on the way.
Dude, that sucks. I, like @joker80, ship to my work but I did buy a RING camera for my front door. Its worth the investment for the extra deterant percentage points.
UPS screws up like this every once in a while. The did it to me a couple of years ago, delivering a Sarge cabinet. Big, over 70 lbs, and they left it at a snowbird's front door alcove five houses away.

When I explained their failing, they just didn't get it, and kept sending stupid letters denying the claim -- that I never made.

UPS sucks. FedEx gives you much better options, including delivering to a Walgreens near you, for easy pickup at your convenience.
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Anything valuable shipped via UPS or Fedex, I just have them held at the nearest UPS/Fedex store, and pick up at my convenience. Just need to request it the day before.

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