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Marius L

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Oct 23, 2015
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Oslo, Norway
I'm just gonna set up a club

Hey, I play poker with friends @ Pokerrrr2 app. Come and join my club! My club code : #e7cvo. Receive extra 10 free gold coins by downloading here :

No idea how to run this with real money yet, but if people are interested in trying out the app, we can have some play money games to start and check it out I guess.

Will give all members the option of hosting games, so whoever is online at the same time can organize and play.

Should be easy to organize with PayPal payments or similar.
Thanks! How does rake work?

No rake. They charge some coins to the host of the game.

Works well enough, there can be some connection and lag issues because so many people are trying to find ways to gamble now.

If you have a group of people you trust to settle up outside of the game it is a viable option.
I have a game going on the app now. Big O, .25/.50 100 max buy in, but the table is full. Two seats are opening up soon if your interested.

Following with interest. There has been a lot of talk about this app and it looks promising with a cash game.
Ok I must be an idiot but I can only enter letters or symbols on my keyboard. WTF?
I'm hosting the game. I'm probably going to be done before the game is over. Anyone know what will happen if I leave while the game is still running?
I've accepted all member requests to the club! Keep em coming.

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