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Mar 12, 2021
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Poker Table and Chip Set In Florida

Its Description from the ebay

Purchased everything new about 4 months ago for about $1750. Tried to get a weekly game going but no dice. Includes super high quality table with dealer spot, chip rack, two drop boxes with keys, casino quality clay chips, all the action tokens you need (missed big blind, all in, etc.), a drawstring cover to keep the cat hair off the table, and a few sets of Copag and KEM cards. Everything you need for an awesome game! Chips are really nice. Not the plastic junk you see so commonly. There is $2400 in red $5 chips, $500 in white $1 chips, $2000 in green $25 chips, and $10,000 in black $100 chips. This is a perfect set up for a $1-$3 or $2-$5 cash game. I'll show you where to buy more of the same style chip if needed or matching tournament style chips. I also have two pedestals for more tables that I will include. One is the same style you see on this table and another is a really nice half moon style pedestal set. Great for making TWO MORE tables if needed. The table tops are the easy part to make at home. Please contact me with any questions. Everything is in almost perfect like new condition. Any discoloration you see on the speedcloth is a shadow from the hanging light. You won't find a better set up for less! Local pick up only in the Pensacola FL area. Thanks for looking!

It look like Bluff Canyon Plastic Chip to me from the picture thou

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