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May 19, 2018
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Our dinning table is really large. We got it for boards games and stuff and I play poker on it. It’s the gaming table in the first picture. We are selling and going to get a regular dinning table that has leafs to make it expandable. Either a 6 seater up to a 10 seater for when family comes over.
The Carolina table was over 3k so wife said once we move I can get a 2nd small poker table. I was just doing research on them. Everyone says Chan and are the best but since this table will only be used when I have tons of people it needs to be one I can fold and put in storage. I think Chanman makes those but it looks like on his website it’s all custom orders. You tell him what you want and he sends you a quote. I already have the Teiton Premium table 10 seater from when they came out years ago. I need at least a 8 seater and up. I won’t be purchasing from some time but wanted to get a few opinions.
I researched Triton, Gorilla, BBO as well as the cheaper Barrington table. My Triton is nice so I don’t know if people will really be excited to play on a barrington. lol
Looked at the more basic table options but also looked into getting a table with a light. I think that would be really neat but I’ll have to save up some time. Attached are pics of my 2 tables as well as what my search found


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My dining room situation is similar to yours. I bought a Barrington at the $170 sale price or whatever just because of how great of a deal it was, intending for it to be a stopgap while I saved and got on the waitlist for something nicer.

Honestly, it's a solid table. My players are happy with it, and the wife enjoys that I can fold it up and move the dining table back into place. It's hard to imagine that a more expensive table would add $1–2k in value over a Barrington.

I might have end-game'd without meaning to, barring any significant changes to our standards.

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