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Which Poster Left of TV

  • The Godfather

    Votes: 2 13.3%
  • Casino

    Votes: 13 86.7%

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Jan 28, 2020
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So I’m now decorating my basement. My poker area has a theme (seen in the pictures) while the rest of my basement will have an entirely baseball theme.

Here’s the question. What movie poster would you put to the left of the TV. The Godfather or Casino. I’m eventually going to get a signed Goodfellas poster, but in the meantime, here are my two choices.

The classic poker dogs will go to the right of the TV.

Now a couple things to consider. I live in the Chicagoland area, and Casino has a major connection to Chicago, while The Godfather is an all time classic, and ties into The Sopranos (There are hidden scenes of the crew watching The Godfather in the show), along with references throughout the seasons.

That's a nice setup. Looks amazing.

Can you please post more pics of your gear? Table, topper, chairs.
That's a nice setup. Looks amazing.

Can you please post more pics of your gear? Table, topper, chairs.

The company that built the tables is out of Glendale, CA. Pharaoh Manufacturing.

They specialize in high end gaming tables. They are sourced and manufactured here in the United States out of their facility in Glendale. The major difference being sourced and manufactured here in the U.S. compared to BBO, which is imported from China and assembled here. Pharaoh Manufacturing’s quality and attention to detail is impeccable. I’m in Chicago and I chose to drive from Vegas to Glendale when I was out there in January, and I’m glad I did.

Both round and oval tables have the Nouveau style chair in black and gray, along with the Anubis base. The felt is custom printed but is also black and gray. Both tables have a 3/4” raised rail - The Kingdom edition, with Night Sky Silkwood as the wood color. The raised rail has a brushed aluminum finish And the base of the chairs and tables have a chrome finish.

The poker chips are CPC blanks in small crown (tournament set) and large crown (cash set).

Hope this helps.
Wow! Thanks for posting those pics. Love the overall aesthetic of your entire poker room.

Both tables are amazing.

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