Poker Players Are Narcissistic Sociopaths book (1 Viewer)

Is this book wriiten by Hellmuth? :D
"A lighthearted look at at all of the things that annoy us at the poker tables. Fun, irreverent, and insightful, this book will make you laugh, smile, cry and run better than ever before*. *Run good not guaranteed"

Haha, that´s great.

Hopefully they ship to Germany, because a good friends birthday is coming up and this would make a nice little extra present.
Haha, this looks like a great gag gift, or something to bring to friendly poker matches and read inbetween hands.
It certainly looks like it would be a laugh or two. I think I might get one for pre- and post-match reading. I am sure my wife will not approve of spending any more on poker related expenses but I think she would not notice this! Thanks for sharing RichMahogany!
No Kindle version? Awww shucks.I would love to check it out haha. I'm can't say I disagree with the title, it's fitting for me anyways lol.

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