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Jul 12, 2020
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Sydney, Australia. US address available
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Tonight, approx 7 or 8pm, I'll be dealing a livestreamed game at the Daytona Beach Racing and Card Club! We're still very new to the whole thing but I believe that we have some $10/25 NLHE running tonight?

Almost $2M pot. wowsers
To be in Persson's head...what was he trying to scare Antonius off of? I guess the A-high flush draw, but what was he representing? Flopped full house? Gotta hurt to see that AK get flipped over, my God.

In a perfect world, A has AKs of something other than hearts and gets spooked by hearts? I don't think any flush draw lower than A is 3betting both streets, and if he's got KK or AA, is he folding to this bet? To try this against one of the best in the world who's been playing for decades at these stakes...I just don't get it. Maybe I'm missing a level here.
Live at the bike is now Big Bet Poker Live.
The show takes place in Las Vegas Tropicana. Personaly I think its a lot better than LATB the last time.
Yup…the big ass inlays are reminiscent of the hustler casino chips. Just slightly better colors…maybe much better. Slightly worse edge spots…

Much better than LATB chips…those are disgraceful.
There are also a number of channels on Twitch that stream poker constantly. Mostly older stuff but still good to have on in the background.

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