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Dec 22, 2014
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Has anyone tried these? The ones for silver eagles are designed to hold a 40.6 mm coin. I would think a 39mm chip would fit just fine and should stack 18-20 high. 25 Storage tubes per case... Stores 450-500 chips per...stackable.

Cant figure out how to add a eBay link.... Search eBay for Empty monster box silver eagle

I think I wil order one and see how many chips it will hold. A silver eagle is 2.98mm thick... Poker chips are a bit thicker.
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Description: This is a box measuring 14.75 x 8.5 x 4.5 in. It holds 25 covered tubes with an inside diameter of 40mm and should hold around 500 chips.

Although a few of my large sample sets are stored in square chip tubes, I don't use these tubes for general chip storage. I prefer storing my chips in standard acrylic racks, some of which are in acrylic carriers while others are stacked in a cabinet. I also have an engraved cherry presentation case that holds 1000 of my customs.

For a set that you play with even occasionally, you'd probably find the chip tubes to be a pain. Racks, cases, and even white chip boxes are so much easier to deal with.
Thank you for posting the link for me. I appreciate it.

I was able to find some more information on the web about the size of the square tubes, they should hold a stack of 20 poker chips easily. I hope the US mint storage boxes will work fine as my storage solution for my second hand chips as I work my way towards engraved presentation cases filled with custom made chips.
I thought about using coin tubes like this for handling rebuys in larger tournaments, but the cost to convenience factor never worked out in favor of the tubes. Still sticking with rebuys in racks until a catastrophic clutz pushes me toward a sealed vessel.
This would work well for a traveling tournament. Keep original buy ins in the tubes and color up supply in a small case.

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