Wanted PNY primary mint 100 500 and 1000 or sample set primary (1 Viewer)

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Nov 13, 2014
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france lile
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Hi everyone

i currently research at least for my little PNY set theses chips

60 x 100$ primary mint
20 x 500$ primary mint
9 x 1000$ primary mint

i also research PNY dice (2pairs), cards and dealers ceramic or acrylic

thoses need to be delivred to france i will pay the small usps box
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some PNY are very difficult to find ($1000 in particular). the last 20x$1000 PNY i got by purchasing a set of 600 PNY chips. i think that is called harvesting.
i don't think there were PNY dice or cards.

-gc :)
yes i know very difficult to find but with time it maybe possible
if you have some 100 and 500 primary to sell even in small amount i'm very interested

for cards and dice i have no idea i havent found any information on this yet
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