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SOLD PNY Barrels Mint! ONE DAY ONLY (1 Viewer)

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Feb 4, 2020
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Harrisburg, PA
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I have a few barrels that I do not need as I am only going to keep a heads-up set! I am running to the post office tomorrow so I would love to get these sold tonight!

time for some pr0n..

PNY 2.jpg

PNY 1.jpg

60x 25's @ $30/barrel + shipping
20x 100's @ $90/barrel +shipping
20x 500's @ $240/barrel + shipping

$410 shipped for everything!

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Going to make this a one day sale only as I wouldn't mind keeping these and adding on at some point.

So....sale will be close in 24 hours from now :)
If anyone picks up the 100s and would be kind enough to flip me a few singles at a premium, I'd be forever indebted. If no one picks em up, there's a good chance I pick up the barrel and you find 15 PNY 100s for sale here at a discount or on eBay in the next few weeks.

If someone picks 'em up and holds on to the whole barrel, godspeed great pick up!
That’s very magnanimous. I would be more like, “If someone picks up the whole barrel try not to choke on it ya git.” I might have anger issues though.
hahah I'm mainly a singles collector tbh (and a newbie at that), I build shufflestacks from places not full sets. Furthest I've gone set-wise is a cheap "custom" set for my home game, and cheap was an understatement. Probably for the best though--if I bought and made it *after* I got involved here, it would've cost literally 10x as much lol
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