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Not Mine PNY 5x$1000pri (1 Viewer)

What about the idiot who is selling the world's largest potato chip. You'll come across it looking for real chips. F@cking morons.
Maybe $50/chip.. and mainly because I can sell my secondaries after getting those.
I've yet to see anyone sell the Matsui plaques. Those looked baller.
Hella crazy. Sure I drool for any variety of $500 and $1000 PNY's but I got some OWPS PNY plaques made which are such a sweet, affordable alternative at around $4-$5 per plaque. They fit in great and the players love them.


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Nice :) I think I saw those on eBay a little while ago. Haven't seen the Matsui ones yet. Really need a few 5000s for late game Tourney shananigans.

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