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Not Mine PNY 2.50 stack (look at the bidding toward the end ) (1 Viewer)


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Nov 6, 2014
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santa cruz, ca
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There are sniper programs out there. No idea how they work or if this is typical of those types of programs. I've noticed this on a few of my items in the past. I would get notifications of a "new" bid but it's from the same user for the same amount of their previous bid.
uh.... sorry.... that was me... too much rum, and too much time on my hands.... sigh.

-gc :)
Wow no kidding. I don't use eBay too often anymore so I had no idea that there were programs out there like that. I'm a pretty fair guy, but not sure how I feel about that.
all the bids were .01 or .02 different. i was just having fun.... (sorta embarrassing, huh?)

-gc :)

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oh.... it's wasn't a program. i was just sitting here w/ a drink and typing.....
It's not repeats that I've seen, it's a rush, of small increments. There are have long been ways to set up automatic bidding. You tell a system what the maximum is that you want to pay, and the system will outbid any other bid by the minimum increment. The problem is when two people are using this this same kind of system at the same time. Then when the second one puts in their bid, it bids up, then the first one bids up, then the second bids up, etc., until the price goes up to the top end of one of the bidders.
this was not a rush of small increments. Had to be a program of some type, or a malfunction on eBay's end. I thought I put a link in the op, sorry, fixed
I've noticed that happening sometimes too but not 100+ times. Usually with repeat bids it means the buyer was changing his top bid.
I use ezsniper and it has only made one or two bids at closing. That service is designed to make a bid up to your max at close. It's fair as to win a item you will be outbidding the second highest bid. I've never seen something like this before. It's like a program preventing any other bid from coming in is running. If it were my lot I'd make eBay aware of the bid history and ask for an explanation.
i took that as a joke, since you couldn't type that fast, especially drunk guy

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