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Nov 16, 2014
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Nah Hampshah
Fold pre. Against a raise and a reraise, this hand is like the KJs of PLO. Even when you smash the flop and you're not already dominated, it almost always offers redraws to your opponents' likely hands.

Fold the flop too. Your overpair is almost certainly no good, and if good, totally vulnerable. If you're up against, say, AKQx, you're drawing to maybe chop, and as a few others have said, AAxx is super-likely and makes your straight draw suck. Bad stuff all around. Take the nitty road this time.


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Nov 11, 2014
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Hero feels that too many outs are gone already (at least 2 Aces) and that a Q isn’t likely to give her the lead either. She makes the fold.

Button calls and the pot is over $6k.

Turn is a blank other than it is a club putting a flush draw out there. River is the :as: which would have giver our Hero the nuts! :(

BB tables KQJ3 for the nuts and scoops. UTG +1 tables 1010Ax for middle set and Button tables AAxx for the rivered set that was never any good but wants people to feel bad for him.

So as @DrStrange said our hero was drawing to a chop with 3 of the nut outs already gone. Though it does look like the case Q would have given Hero the lead if it had shown up.

As I was taking with my friend about the hand I said I felt it was a fold preflop. As strong as she hit the flop (vs AAxx she is a 55/45 dog) she still had to fold and that is the best case against a single opponent, let alone 3!

Though if it had been checked to her she would have jammed the flop hoping to get heads up with the button or even better to take the pot down.

The point I wanted to make sharing this hand is that a hand like KQQJhh is okay in a single bet pot. But isn’t strong enough in a 4 bet pot multi way.

The hand structure itself hurts the hand. Having the pair of Queens hurts and straight drawing power the hand has. A lot of newer PLO players coming from Hold’em and probably some experienced PLO players too don’t realize how much the extra Q really limits the hand. A pair of Queens will rarely win at showdown unimproved so it doesn’t add much value to the hand.

This hand would be much more playable if it was KQJ10 or AKQJ as it has much more straight drawing possibilities and doesn’t have a blocker in it.
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