Planning a new octagon table


Nov 18, 2016
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My 49" octagon table, with racetrack, has served my group of 7-8 players well for 10 years, but it needs an upgrade.

Let's cover other types, etc. Oval is too big, round takes up too much space for my room, so octagon it is.

My racetrack is padded naughahyde and we like it.

- going with 52" - doesn't sound like much, but we've had 8 at my 49" and it's ok, 7 is comfortable, 9 was very rare and pushing it, AND my chairs have arm rests. So, I think the 52" will give us enough room. I could go 54", but that intrudes into other areas of my game room. If it were a poker room, different story.
- I'm thinking 5" padded rail. Slightly bigger than what I have now.
- raise rail, to add LED lighting and USB ports
- 4.25" race track, slightly bigger than what I have now. Is this wide enough?
- Raise rail, then track down, then the playing surface rises back to near the level of the arm rest? If you look at my table now, that's how it is. Absolutely no issue playing this way. I know some guys want to shove their chips in, but that would only get you throttled at my game. We call all-in, then either place the chips in the middle, or do a count of chips in place. No one splashes the pot. Also, it might be easier ad less expensive to not have the track flush with the playing surface.
- With a track, any reason for a betting line? If so, how far from the edge of the inside of the track, 5"?
Any other ideas/thoughts? Trying to keep these fairly economical

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Jan 4, 2017
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On the outside, looking in
I think the physical boundary where the racetrack meets with the playing surface is a natural betting line.

However, if you go with a custom cloth, one of the design elements could be a betting line. Ie. Border around a central design element. And I think the distant from the edge would depend on the overall design of the cloth. Along with the size of your racetrack to create a harmonious overall design aesthetic.

Octagon tables are awesome.
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