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Jan 23, 2020
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Hello! So I'm thinking of getting a few over-sized chips to go with my growing DDLM chip set. I always see discussion on 43mm upsize for the ceramic sets, is there a reason for this being the case vs upsize to 47mm?

My assumptions are: this is simply driven by convenience & cost, as 47mm.

Does anyone have any examples of 47mm ceramics with 39 or 43mm chips for a comparison that you could show me?
Will do tomorrow. There is too much of a contrast between 39mm and 47mm chips imo.
I moved up to 43mm from 39mm and I couldn't feel that much of a difference IMO so I would get samples and then decide what you feel.
Here are the pics Beaniman

47mm II.jpg

I feel going with the less expensive 43mm chips is the safer option considering such a frivolous purchase is sure to engender hate and discontent from your wife.
Thanks for the pics! Exactly what I was hoping to see. Pricey yeah, but they are less than 1/2 the cost of plaques. So I could get 25 47mm for less than the min quantity of plaques custom... That's the quandary I'm facing.
Only a 10c difference between 43mm and 47mm chips, so for small quantities, cost is rather immaterial.

I have a lot of 46mm and 47mm chips, which are well-suited for use as specialty chips (such as Bounty, Rebuy, Reload, All-in, seating chips, etc.) or as oversize denominations for a 43mm set, but imo they are too large for playable chips in a 39mm set. YMMV.
One other thing to consider is the approximate weight.

The 39mm chips are roughly 10g a chip x 500 = 5kg, or about 11 lbs. with a surface area of 1194.59mm²
Assuming the same type of plastic is used, the surface area of a 43mm chip is 1452.20mm², or 21.56% bigger. We can estimate the chip weight to be about 12g a chip or 6 kg for 500 chips.
Now let's look at 47mm chips, the surface area is now 1734.94mm², or 45.23% heavier than a 39mm chip, so we're talking ~14.5g each, times 500 is 7.25kg, or close to 15 pounds for 500 chips.

I imagine carrying around a chip case that heavy could cause a few problems. I've heard chip collectors say when it comes to dice chips, they don't like the 14g chips because of their weight and I can see where this is a problem.

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