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There are a few that are similar. Dragonfly will work but you will have to adjust extensively inside of photoshop/illustrator. On a side note it would probably be best to ask Greg Cagle aka TenPercenter on CT if you can use his concept if copying is what your doing. I don't like the guy but right is right.
I'm not actually copying anything, what I'm going to make is a 17" x 3" label for a drawer and all I want on it is Pharaoh's club and casino on the label. I'm not going to use any artwork from Greg.

Thanks for the response :)
Ok. Like I said Dragonfly is close. There are a couple others with small differences but are very close. All can be downloaded for free from or something like that. Hope that helps.
It does A LOT...thanks.....

Here is 1st revision of the label I was speaking about.
It'll do in a pinch. If I remember correctly each letter will have to be stretched independently to get an exact duplicate. Not that I have ever tried.....;)
Yeah I'm not interested in copying per se, I just want a likeness to the original. I don't want to have to beg for permission to use someone else's artwork.
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