Cash Game Pharaoh’s 200 Chip Heads Up Set (1 Viewer)


3 of a Kind
Aug 30, 2018
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Bay Area
What do I add or remove to make this a worthwhile heads up set? (I am game for whatever buy in, starting stack, and bid configuration that will have me adding as few chips as possible.)

So I think I am counting

100 * 1
68 * 5
32 * 25
1 * 100
5 * Extra blue

So maybe two stacks of 40/32/4 for two T300 stacks? Blinds starting at 1-2?

Probably a decent 4-5 handed 1-1 cash set or for other tournaments in here too.

Either way, you probably don't NEED extra chips for heads up, but this could be the base of a neat full table cash set if you can find more :).

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