PCF's favorite pink casino chip, final FINAL vote (1 Viewer)

Which of these is your "favorite"? Pick one. No takebacks.

  • Isle of Capri snapper

    Votes: 21 41.2%
  • Sands Las Vegas $1000

    Votes: 11 21.6%
  • ACF T5000

    Votes: 19 37.3%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


Royal Flush
Jun 8, 2015
Reaction score
N Indiana, USA
There was too much dilution in the last final vote; five chips in a final with a "pick one" poll was too many chips.


These three survived in the previous 19-14-14-11-10 vote. Pick your favorite. Poll closes in 5 days.
This is the chip that started my chip fascination. The Isle of Capri, Vicksburg was the first casino I ever played at when I turned 21, in 1994. Playing $5 blackjack, I just loved this cool-looking pink chip. I kept one as a souvenir. It was the first chip in my casino chip collection. Since then, I've kept one chip from each casino I visit. I still have this this first chip in my collection. This was before I knew anything about Paulson, THC, shaped inlays, spot patterns, etc. Funny that my tastes were pretty spot on from the beginning.


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