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Mar 23, 2013
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The PCF Poker Room is now open! Click on the "Poker Room" tab in the black navigation bar at the top. That will bring you into the PCF Poker Room lobby. There are two tables to choose from at this time... 5/10 NL Texas Holdem and 5/10 Pot Limit Omaha.


Flash Mode

HTML5 Mode


Everyone starts with 2500 chips. When you fall below 500 chips, you can use the reset chips link to bring your bankroll back to 2500 chips.
Each table has one player BOT enabled so everyone can try it out without having to wait for other players.

Once at table, you can click on "Open Menu" or "Settings (depending on what type of table you are at) to set your options.

  • Player avatars
  • Room background theme
  • Enable/Disable the chat window
  • Enable/Disable sounds
  • Auto post blinds
  • Auto muck losing hands
  • Ignore dealer chat
  • Ignore player chat

Sounds like your web browser is blocking it. I had the same issue until I allowed cookies for it.
Hmmm...I tend to use my Android 4.1.1 tablet a lot, but this feature doesn't appear to work with it.
- on Opera it loads and then crashes the browser
- on Chrome it doesn't load
- on Firefox it doesn't load

Is this a PC-only feature?

No. I play it on my Galaxy phone. What are you getting when it doesn't load?

Sent from my Galaxy Note 3
Screenshot attached for Chrome after selecting the table. Firefox is the same. Opera loads the default table, then exits.

That looks hideous! LOL I just tried it on my phone and got that too now. The software was updated today so maybe that may be causing. I will look into it.
It should work on on an iPad ATM and after a software update, on Android again. I'll let you know when the update is ready to be installed.

We should schedule a little tourney or something for one of these nights. I'd like to play against a real person and not just the random robot each time lol
Been getting some good cards. ;)

Just had to go and top me... we'll see how long that lasts lol jk
Am I the only one having issues with the table tonight?
- fold/check/call buttons are not functional in Opera, Chrome, and Firefox...mouse clicks aren't recognized, so every hand auto-folds due to a timeout.
- app is just not usuable in IE (open menu / close menu corrupts the screen, no prompt to sit at the table)

I'll try another PC. Might be the PC, but it's the only part of the forum that isn't responding to the mouse, etc.

Edit: now it's working...go figure.

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I'm having issues now too. I put in support ticket with the developer.
Looks like it's back online now.
I've had the same trouble on my laptop, but I moved to desktop and it worked in Chrome and Firefox.

Maybe something with the security settings? Who knows!
It works on my desktop which is XP - but not on my windows 7 laptop. It has never worked on my android phone.
It's a bit touchy for sure. I keep putting support tickets in with the developer. I'm pissed because there is a monthly fee to rent a table. I'm going to see about getting a discount or a free month or two until it works as described.

I can confirm it is working with FireFox & Chrome on Windows 8.
We should schedule a little tourney or something for one of these nights. I'd like to play against a real person and not just the random robot each time lol

I say once most of the bugs are worked out, we should set a date and time to have a 9 person tourney. Winner can get a prize like a set of cards or something.
Cool, sounds like we can fill a table for a tourney.
I can set the table to tourney mode too. Very cool options. Blinds schedule, and much more. Maybe some input from you guys to set it up when the time comes.

Here is a screenshot of the options. (default settings are showed)

If this first tourney goes well we could even try to have a league monthly tourney or something. Points for what place you finish and then at the end of the season top 3 get prizes?
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