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Nov 8, 2014
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Just to let you guys know that PCF in France is the acronym of the French Communism Party (Parti Communiste Français).


Have a nice day
Ha! This would explain the paypal red flags over putting PCF in payment notes (don’t do it)
Yes exactly, we had the same issues when I was running pokerchipsfactory.fr ...
I have declared myself supreme leader of PCF. I will be confiscating all Paulson, TRK, and BCC chip sets, for the good of the collective, and will distribute 500 dice chips to every member, to provide for the poker needs of the proletariat.

Now, if I can just find an army...
You said "My two" :D
You mean "Mon dieu"

Reminds me of a time in Tangiers I was shouting "Quel est le temps maintenant?!?" at confused ferry staff when I was trying to ascertain what the time was...
You were so close and so far from the actual sentence that's brilliant :D :D :D

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