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Aug 8, 2013
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We just started a PCF Facebook page which can be found here: PCF FACEBOOK PAGE.

All of the PCF monthly contests will be listed on there as they become available. Liking the page is a great way to get instant notification of new contests!

Feel free to post up any poker chip pictures or info that you want to share with the community.

We look forward to seeing how this evolves as time goes on.

Click on the image below to jump to the PCF Facebook Page and be sure to hit "Like"
I'm an IT guy who works on systems dating back to the dinosaurs (mainframe, COBOL, etc). Social media isn't my thing.

I understand, I've had thoughts about deleting my facebook account many times but I maintain my business website so I haven't.

Mainframe, I used to work on that at my old job... certainly don't miss that system!
Updated our FB page with the new logo. Check it out and give us a like. :)

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