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Apr 12, 2015
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Hello again, fellow chip nerds :razz:

I have excess Paulsons and may as well move them out...

The $500's and $1000's have not seen game play... The $100's haven't seen much... $25's have been around - as have the $5's and the $1's...

Some of the $100's and $25's have my old game stickers on them (to deter any players from potentially bringing their own chips into the game for a tidy profit :-o)...

Anyhoo... Given that Paulson has withdrawn from the public market --and given that there is a finite number of these babies on the planet-- their value will continue to grow!



In total, there are 1302 chips here... Here's the breakdown:

  • 200 x $1000 Classics (unused)

  • 6 x $500 Classics (unused)

  • 140 x $100 Classics (used, some with stickers that are easy to peel off)

  • 100 x $25 Classics (used, some with stickers that are easy to peel off)

  • 299 x $5 Classics (used)

  • 398 x $5 Isthmus (used)

  • 159 x $1 Classics (used)

* I'll remove stickers before packaging them for shipping

I'm asking $1.50 / chip with no "bulk discounts" (I'll cover shipping, you cover paypal fees - if any)... Given that these are no longer in production and their collectible status just went up a few notches, I feel that $1.50 per chip is fair (I see these listed for $2 to $3 per chip all over the internet)... If they do not sell through at $1.50 / chip, I will periodically lower the asking price until they're all sold...

* Min purchase will be 100 chips (not tryna make a million trips to ship these out)...

I respectfully ask that you please do not send lowball offers... Just be patient and wait for the price you're comfortable paying...

I never hold items pending funds... I've missed out on closing deals in the past waiting for a donkey to send funds (and they didn't), so this is a firm policy of mine... The deal is a deal once payment is submitted...

Thanks for taking the time to check out my listing!
Holler if you have any questions :)

- Bordizzle :cool:
first message posts a set that IMO is fairly overpriced. I sold a set of PAULSON de Ithsmus a year ago for about .90 a chip in all near mint condition

good luck though Borat man
you're a jerk, dude... mind your own business... don't you have anything better to do than ruining other people's sales posts?

grow up and get a life...

admin: delete this post with the post above... please and thanks
you're a jerk, dude... mind your own business... don't you have anything better to do than ruining other people's sales posts?

grow up and get a life...

admin: delete this post with the post above... please and thanks

Wow, that's a nice way to introduce yourself to the community...

FWIW, I agree with spikeithard. These chips are neither rare, nor sought after, and imho don't warrant a $1.49/chip price, but I wish you the best of luck with your sale. If they don't sell here, you can always try eBay or Craigslist.
you wouldn't like it if i screwed with your sales posts anymore than i'm liking it right now... i'm all for getting along and being respectful of one and other... but when it comes to business, MIND YOUR OWN

if anyone had an issue or whatever, they could've have contacted me via PM...

since neither of you seem to get it, i'll explain it to you:

if this is how things are done on this site --people sinking other people's sales posts-- just delete this post and me from the site... because jerks messing with somebody else's sales post is bullshit.... i'd NEVER to that to anybody else - even if they were asking $100000000000000000000000 per chip...

admin: please delete all of the inappropriate replies.... thanks
price drop to $1.49 per chip!

i will routinely drop the asking price until they've sold thru...

any questions, comments or concerns? please feel free to PM me...

thanks! :)
- bdz

PS i've bought / sold items on other sites and would be happy to provide referrals... additionally, my score at the bay is 100%

thanks! ;)
- bdz
Good luck with your sale! When I sold my completely mint Pharaoh's set (discontinued since 2009) about a year ago, I only got about $1/chip, which was a bit disappointing ...
a lot has happened in the past year...

paulson isn't making anymore chips for the private market... they're all sold out everywhere... the few places that do have them are asking for as much as $3 / chip plus shipping...

i encourage any prospective buyers to do their own research... you'll find that the above is true... if you do find them for $1.50 or less shipped, please lemme know so i can buy them up myself :cool:

if anyone has any further comments, please direct them to me via PM...

- bdz
Bordizzle, if you can put the emotions aside for a moment, let's review a few facts. No opinions, no labels, no outbursts, just facts:

1) You can list chips for sale in the classified ads for whatever price you like.

2) In your first post on this site, you chose to list your Paulson chips for a price that was 50% higher than the lowest price seen in recent sales (i.e. since Paulson quit selling to the home market) for comparable used chips.

3) Just as people have a right to post chips for sale for whatever price they wish, people also have a right to express their opinions.

4) Spikeithard, a member with over a thousand posts on this site, replied with his opinion to the effect that he thought the price was high, but wished you good luck with the sale.

5) In your second post on this site, you called Spikeithard a "jerk", and referred to his opinion as "messing with your sales post."

6) Another member, Bloody Marvelous, replied to agree with Spikeithard's opinion, and he also wished you good luck with your sale.

7) You replied back with phrases "screwed with your sales posts," and "but when it comes to business, MIND YOUR OWN," and "people sinking other people's sales posts."

8) You also stated (in capital red letters), "THEY'RE WORTH WHATEVER SOMEBODY IS WILLING TO PAY FOR THEM" - which I think everyone can agree is an absolute truth.

Consider those facts, especially the fact that two members expressed their opinion, then wished you well, and one was then called a jerk.

The chips ARE worth whatever someone is willing to pay, right?

If we rule out the possibility of someone coming along and paying a price higher than market value due to cluelessness (I doubt that would happen, and I assume that you're not trying to take advantage of people), then your chips would either sell at $1.50/chip, or not sell, right? Other members expressing their opinion about the price (either high or low) wouldn't change things. The chips ARE worth whatever someone is willing to pay.

Also consider this: By calling respected long time members a jerk, you've almost certainly killed your chances for forming some great friendship and/or business relationships here. You've probably also significantly reduced your chances for selling your chips here, which was the whole reason for your first post, right?

You have choices in how to act, and each of those choices come with their own set of consequences/results. Play it like a poker game - think ahead and you may get the results you want next time.
What is your eBay seller name, please?

Also, out of curiosity, why are you selling these via $.01 price drops on various chip boards vs. just making one listing for them on eBay and letting the market dictate the value there? Don't get me wrong - it's your time and your sale, and you can do with it what you choose. Just seems like there's easier ways to accomplish the same thing.
tommy: could you please delete the above posts and restrict any further comments? it's ridiculous that so many members are ruining any chance that i'll be able to sell these chips....

anyone interested in conversing with me may contact me via PM

thank you
I certainly don't have a dog in this fight, but I believe eBay would be the best option for this set. I do hope that they sell and you get a reasonable price for them.
okay... i'm clearly the odd one out here...

i guess this is the way things work on this site: if members do not agree with your asking price, they ruin any chance that you'll sell your item...

each and every one of you: i'd NEVER reply to anyone else's post and potentially effect the course of a sales post... or maybe that's how it's done on this site? i dunno... maybe i'm crazy? but i don't think so...

admin: is this how things typically go? members tanking a sale when they don't agree with an asking price? or suggesting that i attempt to make the sale elsewhere? admin, please delete the inappropriate replies and set this post so that nobody else may reply to it except myself...
you're a jerk, dude...
grow up and get a life...

it's ridiculous that so many members are ruining any chance that i'll be able to sell these chips....

IDK...seems like you might have gotten a head start on ruining your own sale.

The community is here for itself and to bring others in on good faith, and you haven't shown an interest in engaging with the community until today (or recently on the blue board). Folks are just trying to protect their own within the community. Was Spikeithard out of line? Depends on your perspective, I suppose. Spikeithard *may* have been in bad form by publicly discussing price in a classified listing. He *may* also simply have been trying to protect the community from a deal he believes is highly out of line with the market.
tommy: could you please delete the above posts and restrict any further comments? it's ridiculous that so many members are ruining any chance that i'll be able to sell these chips....

I wonder who you think is ruining your chances of selling your chips, and how are they doing that. You made the statement that the chips are worth whatever someone is willing to pay, and that is of course correct. You'll either find someone willing to pay your price, or you won't, regardless of people's replies.

Besides, the admins have already deleted posts from people who stated an opinion to the effect that your price was above market value. There are nothing but positive comments left, and suggestions to help.

Surely you realize that calling people a jerk, and now asking that replies get blocked is not going to help you sell your chips.
you're all "in bad form" for discussing my asking price in an open sales forum... if any of you had any class whatsoever, you'd have contacted me directly with whatever concerns you may have had...

or you could've gone to an admin...

i've been buying / selling on sites similar to this one for years... i've NEVER run into an issue like this one...

admin: may i suggest that you remove the "reply" feature from your posts in the classified section? it just leads to conflicts like this one...

keep your comments regarding asking prices to yourself... if you don't agree with an asking price, be a man and move on... don't be a crybaby who has to ruin a potential sale...

i don't need anyone's advice... thanks but no thanks... if you feel that you MUST share it with me, be a man and do so in private

admin: just delete all the replies starting with the first one... or just delete me altogether... if this is how things are done on this site, i'll just go elsewhere
i guess the admins reposted the replies... that's fine... i can play along with that...

the asking price is now $1,000,000 per chip

don't like it? piss off

anyone who may be interested, PM me
Ski couldn't have said it any better and Tommy has no need to delete any posts. Everyone is right. OP has the right to list his chips at any price and others have the right to express their opinions. But OP has decided he's an entitled a-hole or something. I wouldn't buy from him if this is his attitude. GL with whatever.
something about people messing with my business brings out the worst in me...

i guess i'm silly for asking people not to post replies that could negatively impact a potential sales opportunity... i guess that makes me "entitled"...

maybe i'll spend the next week trying to sink everyone else's sales posts - since that seems to be how things are done here
I wonder how many of these people who are talking about "community" and "watching out for others" jumped all over EVERYBODY that posted/sold there CPS chips at high mark ups because they could. I didn't see to much of that.

I've been around forums for a long time and most of the successful ones have policies against this type of thing. I have my own opinions about the price and will vote with my wallet just like everybody else has the right to do, but this guy is right; he's kind of being shit on for being a new member trying to sell Paulsons. On the other hand, if he was an "established" member selling CPS chips at a mark up he would be just fine. By the way, he's right, Paulson will never make more of these, but there is a second group buy on the CPS chips. Makes you kind of feel bad for some of the people who paid what they did when a second group buy with a nominal price increase was right around the corner.
People at poker forums all around the world are very knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to designing, collecting, buying and selling high quality chips and will always leave comments in classified sections, when they feel that there's something off or something to discuss. There are always sellers who doesn't feel too comfortable with this, but most forum members appreciate this service, as in most cases they'll receive a fair assessment. Please note that sellers are receiving negative as well as positive comments regarding their pricing, so there's no general "seller bashing". Please also note that this mechanism is kind of self-correcting. If spike is actually way off, other forum members will correct him and post their opinions, too. As long as this doesn't happen, you should simply assume that he's right.

If you don't like comments at all, you should simply refrain from selling in forums like this, and use eBay, craigslist, etc. instead. First of all this is a community (where other people's opinions are highly valued), not a market place.
thanks, 12thman... i don't mean to be a jerk... it isn't my nature... i try to be a chill dude who gets along with everyone...

but being ganged up on brings out the worst in me...
I've tried to apologize in a private message, and I've tried to give some heartfelt advice, and then I see this:

PS the admin sent this out to the previous jerks who replied earlier

I'm disappointed that after berating us for publicly offering an opinion, you are now publicly insulting us.
I think the other members have made it clear how they feel about your behavior as well.

I'd like to ask you politely to use a civil tone on these forums. This kind of language and behavior is beyond the boundaries of common decency.
you all, as a community, have called me out... that seems to be how things are done here...

so i'm calling anyone out who posted negatively here as "jerks"... and believe me, that's as "civil" as my tone gets...

mind your own business, and i'll mind mine... simple as that

but we can keep going... i'll type until my fingers fall off... it's crap that people are replying negatively here... if they were that "concerned with their community" they could have let me know via PM - not by blowing up my post
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