For Sale Paulson THC Starbursts & Solids (Red - Chocolate - Light Blue) -REDUCED-

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Jan 23, 2016
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Hi Guys,

I've been accumulating a variety of different THC solids, from Starbursts (some overstamped) to Roulettes. Below is what I have available, I'm not a color expert so I'm using a general color. Conditions have been described as best as I can, but please look at photos to get a better idea.

I'd like to sell each color in one lot in the quantity stated (preference given to buyer) but could split them up if necessary. PayPal F&F preferred, but I'd be willing to split fees with buyer if absolutely necessary.

Shipping will be $5 for each lot, and $1 per each additional lot. Please feel free to ask any questions or concerns.

- Note that rack pictured isn't standard and holds 21 chips per.

xxxxx[SOLD}xxxxxxxOrange Starbursts (most overstamped): 106 -- $70[SOLD]xxxxx

Excellent-Very Good used condition. Solid cross hatching with square/sharp edges. Less than 10 have larger flea bites and/or very minor warping. All that I tested will stand on edge. 77 are overstamped and 29 are regular Starbursts, and all have their hotstamp fully intact.

xxxxx(SOLD)xxxxOrange THC Roulettes: 67 -- $25xxxx(SOLD)xxxxx

Slightly darker and in worse condition than the above orange. They're very dirty, but do clean up well (see photo). Some visible cross-hatching on outer edge, but still have plenty of life left. Some will stand on edge, and roughly 5 have minute warping when squeezed together.

(SOLD) XXXXBright Orange Starbursts: 54 -- $20 XXXXXX

Worst condition of the 3 lots and brighter shade of orange. Foil hotstamp completey worn off. Very dirty but are salvageable as shown in photo. Roughy 8 have some small warping and/or larger bites.

Chocolate (Brown) THC Roulettes 1,2,3: 200 -- $105 (or $55/rack)

Good used condition. Hotstamps are intact, majority have visible outer cross-hatching and most that I tested were able to stage on edge. Edges are square but not razor sharp. Typical minor flea bites and roughly 10 of the 200 have a larger bite and/or minute warping. Definitely need some oil.

20170125_140345.jpg 20170125_140049.jpg

Chocolate Brown THC Roulette C: 37 -- $14

Same shade as the above, but worse condition. Some visible cross-hatching, hotstamps are very worn and edges are mostly square but not sharp. Roughly 2-3 have minimal warping. See photo for a cleaned up chip vs dirty chip.

20170125_140629.jpg 20170125_140525.jpg

Red Starburst Overstamps: 100 -- $65

Excellent Condition. Note that 41 have a black sharpie mark that can be removed with magic eraser. Most are Overstamps but there are roughly 20 regular Starbursts. Edges are very sharp/square and stand on end. Cross hatching visible throughout. Roughly 8 have minute warping when squeezed together.

20170125_142203.jpg 20170125_142056.jpg

Light Blue Starburst Overstamps: 73 -- $25

Average Used condition. Most are Overstamps, with hotstamps mostly intact. Edges are square but not sharp and cross hatching is mostly worn off. They do clean up well (as shown) and roughly 6 have a larger bite and/or minor warping.

20170125_143032.jpg 20170125_143013.jpg

Shipping will be $5 per lot, and $1 per additional lot. Feel free to make an offer, and contact me with any questions.

Thanks Again!


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Apr 8, 2015
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How hard would it be to clean the marker off of the red chips? I am interested in them, but I want to be able to get it off of them.
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