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Aug 12, 2013
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Well, there is a set that I really would like to pick up, so I am doing the unthinkable, posting up some chips for sale.

ALSO please note that I am currently in Canada. The border has been shut down , so if you would like these shipped from the US, I will have to wait until things clear up. If you can’t wait, I will look into shipping rates from Canada for you.

For those wondering, I am not looking to maximize return on any of these chips, but I am looking for fair value. I really don't want to see them shipped out and then resold for a lot more, and will try to take that into account when choosing who to sell to.

I also would like chips to go out to people that have a specific need for them, although that's pretty subjective.

Again, this is not a first come, first served sale. I will be waiting until Sunday March 29 , or possibly Monday March 30 to make a final decision. Also, if any chips don't sell, I'm fine with that, They can sit amongst their friends in my shelves again, waiting for me to build the set around them.

Ok, sorry for all the text to start things off, hopefully you’ve actually read it, but I doubt it, lol!

This sales thread is for some paulson THC PCA (presidents casino on the admiral) primary fracs. I have 3 racks in varying condition.

The first rack is in faded condition. Chips are mostly in good shape, can stand on edge, but are faded/discoloured.
This rack $120

The next rack is in better condition, some faded, some in very good condition.
This rack $150

And the final rack is in very good to excellent condition. Chips are very sharp still.
This rack is $185

Post interest in the thread and I’ll try to sum things up by Sunday to see who gets to purchase.


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Ok, I think this is the list of interest, from going through the thread as well as PMs. PLEASE VERIFY, I will do my best to make the decision tonight on who gets what.

It seems like there is only interest in the best rack, and it's between
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Just sold some extras! Thanks for the tag. All set on the primaries for awhile, going to start a mixed cash set with my spare $1s, looking for quarters at the moment
I'd love to buy the rack in excellent condition! Only a rack of fracs left to complete my very first PCA set!
OP edited to list only 2 people interested , and only in the best rack, I think. Will confirm and try to make the decision tonight.

There ended up being 3 people interested in the best condition rack.

I pulled high cards for each, and determined who had first option. BUT! There's a twist.
I will let the first person purchase the best condition rack for $185 US plus shipping, or, if they are interested, they can purchase the other racks, which I am going to drop the price to $125 for second best rack or $100 for the third rack.
So, @BearMetal you are on the clock first, let me know which rack you'd like.
@jun and @PinDoc will be up next
Or feel free to tell me if you're not interested in either of the other racks.

Also, to make more information available, I checked in with a local chipper here and asked for advice on shipping. Shipping 1 rack from Canada will be about $23 US to ship. I can ship out later this week, or we can wait until situations change, and I can cross the border again to ship from WA state. If this impacts anyone's decision, let me know.

Hey Mike, I'm still interested in the 1 rack of excellent chips. There's no rush on these, so I can wait until you get back.
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