For Sale Paulson Stardust Mansion and Tourney sets (1 Viewer)

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Feb 21, 2014
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I bought out this card room have their cash and tourney chips. Email me if you are interested in a set of them. 25 tourney.JPG100 tourney.JPG500 tourney.JPG1000 tourney.JPG5000 tourney.JPGCash 5b.jpgCash_1.jpgCash_25.jpgCash_100.jpg
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If I hadn't just purchased a tourney set i'd def. be interested in some of these.
Still may be depending on the price :cool:
Price will depend on condition and quantity. I am planning on keeping a large part of both sets. So I might not ever post a price publicly. I have 20 pending orders.

Might as well start picking who we like the best to pass the time :D

#33 here. :)
What a great score... Thanks for putting a side a few sets to sell.. trust me If we can work out a deal these are going to good home!
Those T1000 almost look neon. The T25 and T5000 look like they could be confused, so you'd have to keep an eye out for dirty stacks if both are in play (possible). That's my only gripe, other than not clicking on "Buy now" when they were on eBay...
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