SOLD Paulson clean up sale! PM Offers Only Auction. (1 Viewer)

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Oct 31, 2014
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I'm doing some cleaning and I'm looking to re-home some chips to a grateful chipper.

Here is how this sale will work. All of the chips posted in this thread are for sale. If you are interested in any of them send me a PM with your offer. That's it! At 10:00 EDT on Thursday the 7th, I will pull the highest offer and send you the chips.

1. Don't ask me what the high bid is. Just shoot your best offer out.
2. I will accept the highest offer weather it be $5 or $500. Whatever the highest offer I've got at 10:00 EDT on the 7th will be honored.
3. Shipping is extra.
4. Have fun!

Casino Aztar $1 & $5 200-$5, 49-$1 (2 bids) Winning bid - $100.99

JSS Heads up set. 20 x Brown, 20 x Green, 65 x orange (2 bids) - $45

"LG" / .50 Solids X 240 (New) (2 bids) - $51.22

PPC Solids x 50 (Will stand on end) (3 bids) - $25

Casino Aztar Roulette X 300+ (Heavy casino wear, will not stand on end.) (2 bids) - $26.11

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There's no place in the US observing EST right now - everyone in East is on EDT.

There's one big island in Canada that stays EST, and some place in Central/South America, but nothing in the US.

I'm not sure you are correct. For a long time, most of Indiana did NOT switch to EDT, but remained on EST for the entire year. The northern Chicago suburban counties would only be in sync with Chicago (Central Zone) time during the summer months when Illinois changed to CDT. I think the southern Louisville suburban counties did switch to remain in sync. But in most of the state, the time never changed.

If they have started switching to EDT state-wide, I've not heard of the change....

Okay, they passed the law in 2005. But there are a lot of unhappy Hoosiers....
The Chicago thing was always CST versus CDT - they were always Central, never Eastern.

That being said, I'm all in favor of abandoning "daylight savings" time switches. Any business that wants to go to "summer hours" is free to do so; changing the clocks is a goofy way to get there, today.
In the final hours! The LG, JSS, and the Aztar Roulettes have ZERO offers! Any offer excepted on those. There has been some competition on the others. Re-submit if you think you may be too low!
Updated the OP for the number of bids. This number will not be updated after the first. I'll try to update as much as possible but it may not be exactly up to date. If you have a bid, add on one of the no bid sets for just a few bucks!
All sets have bids! All are going to good homes for great prices so far!

Good luck bidders!
High bids are posted! Winners to be notified in the next 15 minutes! Thanks to everyone that took an interest.
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