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Nov 10, 2019
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Hey everyone!

Let me tell my 2 minute sob story:

I've been a poker player for the past 15 years and about 10 years ago I started dreaming of one day being able to afford a set of Paulsons. The Paulson Classics set was the first set I really started to research, and I fell in love.

I'm an Internal Medicine doctor in training, and the past month has been emotionally and physically tough. COVID has taken a big toll in my community and the world in general. I've taken care of younger, healthy patients with this virus who didn't make it. One thing that has helped me get through this (apart from my wonderful fiance) is thinking about life going back to normal, and being able to finally host a home game for the first time in years.

Despite the massive med school debt, I've resolved to invest in a set of Paulson Classics. I want to treat myself for getting through this pandemic with my patients. I've literally had my eyes on these chips for the past 10 years. Here's what I'm looking for:

100-150 $1
100 $5
50-100 $10
100 $25
50-100 $100
20-40 $500
20-40 $1000

Thank you all so much for reading!
I'm relatively new to the forum/community and I'm excited to be here and get into this beautiful, crazy hobby!

Take care,
I've always been surprised that people have such a range in their chips. If you need $1s, do you really need 500s? Unless trying to make 1 set do double duty for cash and tourny...

I've found that I can get away with 400 chips for a cash game of 10 players.
I agree with both of you. The higher denoms are more to have a complete sample of the entire set. I don't think I'll actually be using those any time soon :)
You'll get your shot at these if you can spare about $1,200.00 and aren't strict about them being in mint condition.
They turn up from time to time so don't convince yourself that they are a once-in-a-year opportunity or anything like that - they'll definitely turn up.
Get used to checking the PCF Classifieds and do a little homework to make sure that you have a comfortable price range.
Prioritize your denominations, as well.
It's unlikely you'll find all of these in one swing and you'll likely be chasing the $1 & $10 chips separately from the rest.
But this interest is about more than practicality... I have an entire rack of $1000s that I've only used once for fun...
There's no shame in putting together a wide range of chips that you enjoy playing with - that's why most of us are here.

Also, search around PCF and message people who have these chips in quantity.
They might not be interested in selling at the moment or even anytime soon.
But people fall in love with new chips all the time - you're more likely to get a PM with an offer if you get the word out to the right people.
Otherwise, they can easily be listed and bought-away before you even get a chance to login to the site.
I recently started building a Paulson THC mixed cash set. For a set of 400 Paulsons, I'm in about $550 right now. Perhaps that's also an option for you if you can't find what you're looking for.

Good luck in your search. I don't have any classics to offer. And thank you for helping those who have fallen ill to this shitty, terrible virus.
I also want to say this Ben:
Sellers are looking to earn the 'top-dollar' most of the time, expectedly so.
However, there are also a lot of people who are willing to sell their chips for substantially less, if it is clear that the buyer is sincere.
In other words, don't burden yourself believing that you need $2-3+ per chip to compile this set.
Some people might say to you, 'I'd like to sell you my set for ___ (some low price) because I want them in the hands of someone who appreciates them. But, if you ever want to sell these, I ask that you sell them back to me at that same price.'
There are some rabble-rousers on this site, it is the internet of course, but there are so many sincere people on this site and similar sites too.
Takeaway: Communicate with people - This is a community not a Walmart, become a part of the network
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