Pat #2 loses to 356 draw at WSOP (1 Viewer)

I remember reading the breakdown of this on Pokernews last year. Just when you think your skin can't crawl because of a so called "bad beat" this kind of thing can show up.
It’s the worst bad beat in poker history IMO
No hold ‘em hand could be this sick, even a 1 outer is 2%, this hand is like .001%.
The commentary by Nick is great. You can hear the shock in his voice.
Reminds me of @David O and my 2-7SD at the Chateau. I dislike 2-7. It typically comes down to what strength of an 8 hand is lucked into by the players. A 9 is typically a loser, and a 7 is somewhat rare. The deal finishes and I slowly squeeze my hand to see the nut 23457. Odds are 1:2548 to be dealt the wheel, so I've never been dealt the nuts in this game. David bets into me pre-draw for like $3. I bump it up, everyone folds, and David calls. David confidently draws one. I pretend to think about it while watching David refuse to look at his card until I declare my draw. I reluctantly stand pat (duh). David pots, I repot, he repots in perpetuity until stacks are all-in. With the obligatory poker sorry, I table the nuts and David shows second nut: 76432. The only "good" news is that it was for only ~$200. I still dislike the game. If the cards are switched, he felts me instead.
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Wow, that was gross.


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