PAHWM: .50/1 July 13th


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Jun 6, 2019
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i thought this as well, but but top pair with a FD is hard to go check check on the turn. The misplay on the turn would definitely have me thinking that hero tried to take the pot down on the flop and then backed off.


Jul 15, 2019
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I did indeed have :ad::qd:.

Standard c-bet for me on the flop. Can't fold to that sized raise. Moreover, I think the HERO could have some just top pair hands along with sets and two pair. Turn check surprised the hell out of me. But I saw no reason to bet again as if he had just one pair, I can get that value on the river. And the others hands have me crushed. Easy value bet on the river after the check. I debated sizing, but in this game I honestly may have been able to even go full pot and get called by a single pair. But I settled on 2/3.

I don't think having :ac::qc: would have changed how I played the hand. While my hand would have had more equity, it would be a real disaster to get check jammed on the turn. He repped strength on the flop, and I'm not likely to get 3 streets of value vs. the hands I beat. But I have nut outs to beat the hands that are crushing me. So, I'd still like checking back barring some read on villain.

@Rhodeman77 , would I have called a pot sized bet on that river? Yes, not sure how I couldn't. Would I have called a pot sized bet on the turn? Maybe. But I very likely would not have called a 3rd barrel unimproved if that happened.
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