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Mar 24, 2015
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Lucerne, Switzerland
hi there, i've been lurking around for quite some time now, and finally found a chip set i actually like and is kind of affordable :D

i liked the stardust tournament set or the riverboat chips, but they're way out of my budget (art student here...), custom ones are straight out (although i have my designs ready) and most other sets have at least one aspect that i can't stand. then apaches "majestic" poker chips came along...

i'm planing to get a 500 chip micro cash set with the extra 0.05 and 20$ labels but i'm not 100% sure which colors to use.

i'd absolutely love a pink chip but if it's gonna be more of a salmon like color i'd rather take the lavender one (my 4th favourite chip of the set).

could someone advice me a little bit here? i did a quick mockup in photoshop and just spent like 3 hours staring at them and trying to make a decision.

thanks a lot


Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 15.26.12.png
Hard to know the exact colors off the monitor. Chips will be different, so it's a guess. Too bad we all couldn't get a sample set first and then do the group buy.
How often would both the 5c and $20 be in play together? If it's not likely, perhaps use an ncv that could act as either.

25c (pink) x 150
$1 (white) x 150
$5 (red) x 100
ncv (blue) x 100 (5c or $20, depending on game)
I'll be the voice of dissent - I expect the pink chip to be pretty salmon-y and bleh (like all other china clay pink chips) and I would go with orange nickel, purple quarter - the reason being that the orange and red chips may be a little difficult to sort out in pots (similar-ish base and sharing a black spot,) which will be minimized if the orange is the 5-cent chip. Also, purple quarters are really cool. :)
how about orange nickel, blue quarter, yellow twenty?

I am inclined to think the colors will be very similar to the CPS chips.
wow, thanks to all of you!

keeping the lavender as .25 and use the orange as .05 seems like a great idea if the pink doesn't turn out really pink.

i always liked the idea of pink chips, but as in the kind of color a cute fluffy bunny would have in an animated film (or maybe a neon pink) - absolutely not salmon.
since they stated in the comments that the pink one will have the same color as the CPS chip I will look at some more real life pictures of them and decide based on that :)

the colors for 1, 5 and 20$ are set, i don't want to change those.

thank you all so much again, it is really narrowed down to two options now - which i think are both great!

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 20.48.35.png
If you're very picky about pink, I'd go with the second row.

I originally liked the pink and lavender chips together, but the more I look at them, the more I'm inclined to drop the pink chip in favor of the orange. The spots on the other chips are primarily black, white, or a different shade (wrong term?) of the base color. The green spots on the pink chip just don't look right to me with the other four. Just my two cents and personal taste.
Would you consider bringing the yellow into the mix? I can't resist it.

Yellow or blue as the $20... and then you have the unused color to use in the fracs.

Regardless, I share your agony on trying to decide on a Majestic breakdown.
2nd row of post #10 with yellow $20 results in a much more color-balanced set, and it's also closer to standard colors ($1 through $20, anyway).

For that reason, I have no problem with purple 5c and orange 25c either.
I'm with BG - I think the yellow is a beautiful chip, and it's a shame not to use it for the $20, since it's a standard color for 20's.

That would also leave the blue for a frac, if wanted.
If insistent on an upper-denomination blue chip, make it a $10. You will be less likely to confuse the masses or tilt some people here. ;)
Don't get me wrong - I'm a big fan of a blue chip as the top-value chip - that's where the phrase "blue chip stock" comes from, and white/red/blue are the classic home game colors - but that yellow is so pretty.
so, back after some super busy days :)

thanks to everyone for being so supportive! i played around with the yellow chip a bit now, but i don't really like it that much color wise to be honest. as abby mentioned, the way it is now the chips mostly feature a different shade of the base color or black as edge spots and i think that looks great.

not to being closer to standard colors was actually something that worried me a bit, but then i remembered comments like "lets say the 5$ chip is 1, the 25 is 5 and the 100 is 10" or "can't we just use the ones from the other set as quarters? (those were worse than dice chips)" - and i figured my poker group probably doesn't care too much about standard colors - or chips in general :D

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