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Nov 7, 2014
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Being a lurker from the Chiptalk days I purchased a lot of chips from Jim between 2010 - 2016 and had benefited greatly from the @TheChipRoom sales at the time. Last year I was in need of money and ended up selling and profiting heavily from many chips I was fortunate to buy in these sales. Jim continues to offer great deals that can't be matched but the sales we were privy to back then were insane. I am starting a new job on Monday and am really excited but also know times are probably very tough for many of you.

I have decided to do something crazy and offer up my heads-up tournament set at cost. I saw the 100s are very sought after and going for a crazy price but I am offering all of these chips for exactly what I paid for them in the Chiproom sale back in 2011. Here is my receipt (I purchased extras and added $500s later at the same price).


The final sale price will be*:

Primary $5 x 30 - $.49 - $14.70
Primary $25 x 34 - $.49 - $16.66
Secondary $100 x 40 - $.79 - $31.60
Primary $500 x 6 - $4.00 - $24.00

Total - 110 Chips - $87 (4 cents processing charge)

Shipping - $8 SFRB US
International - Actual Shipping (International shipping may be delayed due to COVID-19 pandemic)

*Winner agrees to pay the above price for the set and will not flake. The winner refusing to pay the above will result in me getting super pissed off.

Rules of Entry - To enter you must have at least 100 posts and have joined the forums before 01/01/2020

The number of entries into this sale you will receive will be reflected by the following details (Categories do not stack, you get the entries in the category you fall in)
Don't worry, you don't need to figure out where you apply to the below. My idiot brain is responsible for that!

Post "In" in this thread and meet the minimum requirements - 1 entry
Have 500 - 999 posts - 1 extra entry
Have 1,000 - 2,499 posts - 3 extra entries
Have 2,500 posts or more - 6 extra entries
Have 500 - 999 reaction score - 1 extra entry
Have 1,000 - 2,499 reaction score - 2 extra entries
Have 2,500 - 4,999 reaction score - 3 extra entries
Have 5,000 reaction score or more - 6 extra entries
Post a picture of your Empress set - 1 extra entry
Post a picture of your Empress set of more than 300 chips with a hand written note with your username confirming it is current to this contest - 7 extra entries

Max entries - 20 per person based on criteria

WARNING - Since I can't monitor your progress I will update my list for the above based on when I see your post. If you are on the cusp of a higher entry achievement, hit it before you enter. I will wait until Saturday afternoon Eastern Time before I start compiling.

How to Win (specifics added 9:05 Eastern 3/27/2020)

I will do a random number generator to select 8 entries to play in a final table hand for the right to the chips. Players with multiple entries can win multiple seats to the final table. Hypothetically, someone with 8 or more entries can make up the entire final table!

Once I do the random generator whoever is in the one seat gets to choose the game. They can choose from the following:

Hold Em
Badugi (No draw dealt one at a time F*CK YEAH)
A-5 Lowball (No draw dealt one at a time F*CK YEAH)
2-7 Lowball (No draw dealt one at a time F*CK YEAH)

The other 7 entries that make the final table will also win a random chip offered at some point by the Chiproom for their participation.

List of entrants:

Deadline for entering is 8 PM, Monday 3/30/2020.



Sale is for chips only. Case, cards, and dice not included.
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