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Not Mine Over 40lb HUGE ASIS Lot of Paulson Top Hat & Cane Casino Chips (1 Viewer)


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Mar 23, 2013
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Can they be salvaged?

I think a cleaning (careful if you care about the hot stamp) and oil treatment would work wonders. Not perfection, but these would look a lot better. These might look rather ragged but I expect limited wear on the bulk of the chips.

Just guessing - I think this is a 1,000+/- so chip set made for a home (or perhaps illegal) game. Paulson sold sets like that in a nice wooden case. The weight was too much for the case so they often have damage or replacement hardware.

This could be a nice core for a relabel project.

If it's about 40 pounds, it ought to be closer to 2000 chips than 1000. Were they heavier, back then? Would these be leaded?

Also, with all that (water?) damage, I'm curious how well they'd clean up... if those stains penetrated, they might need to be sandblasted!
It looks like a set that was taken out in the Nevada desert and buried with its cheating mobster owner! If anyone buys these and cleans them post pics!
Yeah, at roughly 40 lbs. I'd venture somewhere between 1600 and 1800 chips. Older Paulsons - especially hot-stamped chips - were indeed heavier, sometimes approaching 12g each.

But if it's going to take both a LFRB and MFRB to ship these (and those are horrible shipping pics in the eBay listing, btw), then 2500 chips might not be out of the question (assuming his 40lb bathroom scale estimate is way off). Packed loose, you can easily get close to 1000 chips in a MFRB, not that you ~should~ do it that way.

If I were in the Sacramento area (for local pickup), I'd be all over these. I think most will clean up pretty nicely, and I know a couple of guys named Mitch (one's even a chipper).
The hot stamp worries me. Seems like any mass restoration attempts would be in vein. this would require individual attention on a large scale, it seems
I'm thinking about this. I have a drill press, flat bottom router bit, etc. I'd be tempted to machine all of them and have the blanks to label on the cheap.
Have a good ultrasonic cleaning setup? I'd be tempted to mill them for labelling, too. I have an awful lot of silly set ideas to play with on the cheap, but this is a lot of manual labor.
It looks like a set that was taken out in the Nevada desert and buried with its cheating mobster owner! If anyone buys these and cleans them post pics!

Belonged to Mitch the snitch I hear. :D
Someone in Sacramento. Ooops...that's the item location...my bad!

I was going to pull the trigger, and my bid *might* have won as it would have been over the final $316 price, but not much more.

If you figure 1800 chips, that's less than 20 cents per chip...if they clean them up and sell them for 50-60 cents per chip, that's not a bad return.
Every time I see the Thread/Auction title I think is says "HUGE ASS". o_O
I bet the only decent ones were in the pics and the rest are junk. Wish I lived closer to take a look

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