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FYI, there are no more Victorian (Wyvern / Phoenix) sets left in stock as @FreeBop59 secured the last one.

@Annorax I am currently in process of seeing what is out there for plastic materials. Some companies do not respond so lately is has been a little difficult to get proper samples and see the possibilities. However, my next run will be more Blackjack index as these are quite popular with numerous players in both poker and bridge sizes.
Blackjack index with bridge is near perfection!

Is there a was to make the artwork on the blackjack index cards bigger than the jumbo? Much like the index…something in between? Your artwork is the best ever put on playing cards and I’d like to see it as big as possible.
I have updated the original post to remove the Classic Circles as they have sold out as well as add Jacks Poker, who serves the South Pacific / Australia market and have Desjgns in stock.

I'll be sharing some images of the updated blackjack index in both sizes here soon.

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