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Apr 25, 2013
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The owner of a local company, Orca West commissioned me to build a table and some side carts for him. They were very happy with the table and will be getting a dining table top made for the table as well from a different company.

48"x96" with dealer cutout
1" raised rail with colored LED lights on 12V battery
Custom legs
Custom printed gaming suede
Ebony stained drink carts



I want to spend all my money on chips, but every time I see one of your tables, I change my thinking to...I want to spend all my money on a custom table.
Awesome! I would say you have been holding out on us by the timestamps on the photos, but your camera is probably like mine and always has the wrong time and date..:D
awesome table. what are the logos at the player positions?
Thanks everyone.

Logos are lambo, ferrari, tiger woods, kobe, steelers 9 times champs, lakers, maple leafs, canucks, and steelers.

His original design (which I liked better) didn't have any of those in the player positions. It was just blue with the betting line and the orca logo in the middle.
If I have to ask, then I most likely can't afford it. What's the going rate for a custom table of this nature?
My prices are all on my website, http://chanmanpokertables.com/pricing. The only thing that isn't listed is the custom legs which were $650 on this table.

To me the logos are kind of like putting a bumper sticker on a caddilac. But the customer is always right.
I don't want to offend anyone here, but it's about one NY Yankees logo away from being the douchiest collection of logos I can imagine...
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Oh, and please get me in this game, Tony. [emoji12]
I thought you did dining table tops as well. Was there a reason given for not using a Chanman topper? Were you unwilling to stain an Ed Hardy design on it?
I look past the choices of the buyer and see only the craftsmanship that went into making a table like this.

absolutely. i hope it's obvious to Tony that everyone here is in love with his craftsmanship. just busting (the customer's) balls on the logos.
He wanted to use a millworker he knows who did the rest of his office so that it would all match. We did go through some options at first like a glass topper but he decided he wanted a match to his main lounge.

And yeah the jokes are awesome.
So does the name of his company reflect his apparent lucrative lifestyle?
Wow. Originally from the PNW and feel an affinity for all things Orca so this is great. Wish the logos hadn't tarnished it, but the table is bon. Chan-man, you do good work.
That's sick! Nice work again Tony.

I just went on a whale watching trip yesterday, and we got to see two different pods of Orcas coming together from opposite sides of the boat. It was incredible! There were about 15-20 of them in total. They were jumping all over the place, tail slapping, flippers smashing about, spinning in the air, and trying to put on a HUGE display. It was like being at Sea World, but without the animal cruelty. The captain and crew said it was the most remarkable behavior they'd ever seen from Orcas. Good times :)
Thanks guys.

Orcas are very bad ass. I recently went to the whale museum in Iceland and learned some neat stuff about them. My wife and I also went on a whale watching tour but didn't get to see nearly that kind of action.

So does the name of his company reflect his apparent lucrative lifestyle?

Late reply, but yes it does. The centre image is his company logo, and from what I understand he does own a few of the cars displayed on the felt.

This was his original design, then changed it. IMO he should have kept the original.

Kal cloth V1.2.jpg

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