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Nov 6, 2014
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San Antone, TX
Needing some help, guys. I recently purchased an unfinished table (including the rail and brand new folding legs still in the plastic) off of CL for $35-it was a steal. This thing is the real deal (read as not to be in the fugly thread). I've already ordered my samples from YAT, but I remember some time ago there was a site that allowed you to plug a variety of aesthetic poker table options: felt/ssc and rail color combos, racetrack (with/without, stain colors), and cupholders (sizes and gold/silver options) to visualize/plan a table build or order. I have searched and searched and can no longer find it. Can anyone lead me to it if it IS out there?

Also, I'm interested in having racetrack, but using a different yet complimenting ssc color. Is this doable-I'm not a seamstress by any means and want this to look professional and classy with no seam. Definitely not interested in a wooden racetrack.

Thanks in advance.
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I think charman can help you with the two tone ssc send him a pm. Can't help with design tool sorry but I do remember seeing it once. Have you tried BBOs website for the tool?
Thanks, Stocky. I have checked out BBO and a plethora of other sites but didn't see anything interactive . I'll definitely hit up Charman to get more info on this idea.
If I recall correctly that online ap was on Pimp My Poker's website, which is no longer up.
That was the one, Irish. It's all coming back to me now. In a figurative kinda way it seems. Thanks, man. In light of this, if anyone has pics of tables with SSC-d racetracks, I would love to see them. I happened across some in related threads and I'm pretty much sold on [what I envision] but it would be great to see some existing work.
Not sure if it is what you are looking for, but pretty sure chanman can dye a cloth with two tone ssc to look like a dual color racetrack. I know I have seen pics of them but can't search too well on tapatalk. IMHO that would be the simplest way to go.
Yeah I can dye sub a cloth for you that has an SSC print on the racetrack or on in the middle, or both. I can do the artwork for you too if you like, just let me know what color combos you want to see.

Here's an example of gaming suede which has a dark grey / light grey SSC pattern printed on it. The table has a wood r/t but you can just print a full cloth with a different SSC combo on the outside.

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