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Nov 9, 2014
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Playing $1/$1 live, six handed. The session is winding down. We started at 13 players but only have six left. One big winner, lots of small winners and losers. We aren't making decisions in this thread. Opinions are welcome. We'll be facing this villain later on in a future thread - this is base line data.

Cast of characters:

Hero with $225 has been on a roller-coaster session. The deck has smacked him in the face but often not earning much money. On the other hand, when Hero needed luck he most things went against him. Barely up on the session.

Villain has $90. His style is almost inexplicable but it is a loser. Hyper loose, sticky!, weirdly aggressive often with poorly thought out bluffs. Can't fold to a min raise, almost no matter what.

The hand:

Hero is UTG with :5d: :5s: and raises to $3. Hero gets two callers, the button and villain in the big blind {villain holds :ks: :4h:}. $10 in the pot, three way action.

Flop: :qc: :5h: :8s:

Villain checks, hero bets $6. Button folds, villain calls! $22 in the pot, heads up.

Turn: < :qc: :5h: :8s: > :kd:

Villain checks while saying he can beat a queen. Hero bets $16, villain calls. $54 in the pot, $75 effective stacks.

River: < :qc: :5h: :8s: > :kd: :4c:

Villain bets $40. Hero makes it $80, villain calls and loses.

Must be tough to hit runner-runner top/bottom pair and end up stacked. . . . .

Thoughts? How is Hero going to approach this villain when he is playing a whiffed board? {say holding KQ or AJ etc? }

If the above play is typical of the villain, then I would probably look at it this way...

Hero hits top pair or better on the flop - wash/rinse/repeat

Hero has a strong draw on the flop - play a little conservative until your hand is made, then go aggressive (since he's already shown a likelihood to call with clearly inferior cards)

Hero has good hole cards but whiffs - I'd probably consider just mucking high card thru middle or bottom pair hands against the villain because, barring other physical tells or betting patterns, it would be difficult to glean too much about what he has and could be on a better draw/have a better hand at any given time.

In short, against that villain, I'd probably go a little tight aggressive and, when raising, keep pushing the raises higher until I find out where his breaking point is and he finally starts to bow out.
Err... Don't bluff him? Looks like we could certainly bet a missed AJ for value on a lot of boards though.
How is Hero going to approach this villain when he is playing a whiffed board? {say holding KQ or AJ etc? }


Well, Villian appears super passive. He hit the K on the turn and just check-called (and called with nothing on the flop). On the river when he makes a strong hand (two pair) he comes out firing, but he only just called your raise.

I would say value bet the crap out of him. If he's got a hand it seems like he'll make it clear with verbal confirmation (I can beat a queen) or via his betting pattern. If villain whiffs, it doesn't seem like he'll be betting.

The problem is, based on only the data from this hand, I don't know if Villian will call a river bet with no pair. If he will do so, then it can be profitable for us to value bet KQ/AJ type holdings when Villian hasn't shown any aggression. If he won't, then we should just check rivers with hands that have showdown value.

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