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Oct 26, 2023
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I know there are mixed opinions on this, but what are everyone's opinions on oiling China clays? I seem to have had success just wiping down the initial chalky dust with a damp towel but I'm curious if oiling will add a bit of vibrancy to China clays, specifically Majestics.
Yes. Oil away. Few different methods. I found oil bath works well (majority water). Saves the fingers and is just as effective IMO. No need to dust off the chips in advance either.
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While called China Clay it is plastic, it will not absorb any of the oil. I would never oil my ceramics.

If you do, I would suggest a small sample first.
I have a large set of CC Royal chips, and I oiled mine pretty liberally. I definitely think they absorbed some of that oil. Otherwise, the racks would be all gross.

I still give the edges a wipe every now and then, just to keep them fresh, because they definitely dry out over time.

Whatever the material composition is, they do respond well to oiling them. The CC Royals, at least.
Here’s a picture of some Royals I recently acquired on PCF for a custom label project I’m working on.

Not the best light but you can clearly see a HUGE difference between the oiled chips Vs non oiled.
Can’t say I particularly enjoy oiling chips… I will say tho that the Paulsons seemed to certainly take the oil better especially on the edges.

The royals really pop after some mineral oil

Water-oil bath is the only way for china clays.
I’ll have to try the water oil bath next time. I used a microfibre cloth with mineral oil and went one chip at a time. Happy with the results but will try this method next time.
Just used the “Apache method” with water bath and mineral oil on my Pharaoh set. You can really notice the difference on the .25, $25 and $100 chips. The whites still look sort of dusty. The first two pictures are before and the next three are after. Let’s see how long it lasts!


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