Oh happy day! or Maybe I have too many chips? (1 Viewer)


4 of a Kind
Nov 9, 2014
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Outlet Mall in San Marcos
I am getting set up to take some pictures of my combined Empress set when I find an unopened bag full of chips in the back of the chest. That seemed curious, I don't remember a bag o chips, certainly not unopened. So I cut it open and out spilled 200 empress $5 chips. Woo Hoo!

Thing is, I don't remember buying these. As far back in the chest as they were, it was likely bought in 2014 or earlier perhaps just after the original sale. How it could gotten there unopened is a mystery.

One thing for sure, with 900 five dollar chips, I will never run short. $4,800 bank just in $1s and $5s


PS Pictures really are coming. Not only Empress but something tropical and not getting much love these days.
I am having to retake a few pictures and restage. Coming soon so long as I don't pick up a list of "honey dos" which I see signs of on the horizon. I did get the tropical set posted.

MMMmmmmmmm EMPRESS, I have a nice small set.

10 Blue Roulette's
60 Green Roulette's
100 $2.50 ( i use as .25) Mint
200 1's (1/2 Mint)
240 $5's (140 Mint)
40 $25's (20 Mint)
16 $100's (Slightly Used)

I am still looking for 100 more Snappers.

Cant wait for the Pr0n..
classic, you definitely have too many. You should be giving each chip lots of love and you toss it in the back of the closet like it's trash ;)
So, I've actually done this before. I had a bunch of the white chip boxes, sitting in a larger box in a corner. They were all empty. I needed to ship something, and went to go pick the box up. I thought, why is this so heavy? In one of the chip boxes, a rack of red Paulson starbursts. In another, a rack of peach roulettes. I had to go through old posts and eBay sales to figure where they came from. Gotta stop browsing eBay and the classifieds while drinking...

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