Official CY2020 HOF Voting Thread (1 Viewer)

Pick the sets you think deserve to be in the 2020 HOF

  • Bill's Haus of Bluff

    Votes: 58 33.5%
  • Bubbs' Poker Den

    Votes: 56 32.4%
  • Dr. Nutz's Sex Wax

    Votes: 32 18.5%
  • Lucky Buddha Club

    Votes: 47 27.2%
  • Motswari Lodge

    Votes: 67 38.7%
  • Sierra's

    Votes: 26 15.0%
  • SpeakEC

    Votes: 68 39.3%
  • The Beach (Legacy)

    Votes: 36 20.8%

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4 of a Kind
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May 5, 2013
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Pure Michigan
Firstly, thank you @inca911 and the committee members for all your efforts in keeping the tradition going. It is much, much appreciated. Without you guys' determination, not sure we would have gotten to this point.

Secondly, as @Chippy McChiperson wrote above, it is an honor to have Bubbs' set considered among all the great sets which were nominated and being part of such illustrious 20' class with good friends Bill, Mark and Mike. Customs sets are very especial to the their owners and all of them, nominated or not, bring esthetics, creativity and meaning to the community in their own way. It is hard to imagine sets being created today without each and every set made through time by the folks around here.

Thank you all for appreciating all of our creations!


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Nov 6, 2014
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Thank you to everyone who participated in the CY2020 HOF process, from the initial stump thread to the final voting! Due to the closeness of the membership's voting results, the committee has decided to induct four sets this year. Congratulations to all those who were nominated, and I’m pleased to welcome the HOF class of CY2020:

I don't have a horse in this race. My opinion means exactly dog shit. This feels a little off too me. IMO, and obviously, imo only, I don't think the HOF standards should be changed in the middle of the voting.

I personally think you should have to "earn" your way in.


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Feb 28, 2017
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Bill’s Haus of Bluff tourney set is just so so sweet.

Love Bubb’s frac.

The motswari $1 is a beaut.

and finally the beach set is so beautifully simple / well tied together.

a great year of hof sets. Well done all.


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Dec 21, 2015
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Nov 6, 2014
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Edgewater, Md
Congrats to all HOF inductees AND nominees, all very worthy sets IMO. I've been luck enough to play on three of these sets, and in every single case the pictures do not do these sets justice. They are even nicer in person than on my monitor. Hope to play on the rest of these sets in person one day, as I'm sure the same is true for them.

Mr Hanky

Nov 8, 2014
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Here and there...
Dr. Nutz’s Sex Wax
by @bivey

The Sex Wax set is a tribute to my wife. She is also the inspiration for the design elements. She has long held a love for the ocean, the beach, and especially Hawaii. She calls it her happy place. While on a 2016 family beach vacation, I came a across a surf shop with one of the famous sex wax stickers on display. Of course there are many similarities between the humorous play on words from this brand and my house of nutz custom chip designs. Mr. Zoggs became Dr. Nutz and the rest of the inlay took care of itself.

The other side of the inlay was more personal to our trips to Hawaii. The turtle being the centerpiece to Hawaiian culture and one of our favorite animals on earth. Hence it was put on the $1 chip. The colors are meant to represent the ocean and the brown is a nod to the color a turtle often appears from above the water's edge.
  • The $100 chip is the highest denomination and thus needed a pineapple, my wife's favorite Hawaiian food. The colors here are both tropical and terrestrial.
  • The $20 chip is the famous Hawaiian hibiscus. The colors are actually matched to a T-shirt that I wore during our honeymoon in Maui. (Light blue and orange version)
  • The frac is a meant to represent a "woody" longboard in the Hawaiian surf culture. The yellows and browns symbolizing wood.
  • The $5 rounds out the set and is a non traditional chocolate color highlighted with tropical colors. These colors often found on iconic Hawaiian art. The set wouldn't be complete without the sun of course.
The mold chosen from CPC is the H-mold, an inevitable choice for a set based around Hawaii.

The Sex Wax inlay was color matched by J5 design to accompany the edge chips' colors. The color fading already a staple of the surfboard wax's common representations of their logo. The $20 gave me some concern when moving from blue to orange, as the transition looks gray. An alternate was made to avoid disappointment.

As some inspirations often are, this design was lightning in a bottle - the whole set being 90% designed conceptually in about an hour. The concept then collected dust in my brain until a trip to Hawaii in 2018. While there the Hawaiian icons were chosen and the mockups finished. Little did I know, that I was about to receive a cancer diagnosis that almost sunk the set from actually being made. A mere 3 weeks later, I found a mass in my groin that was identified later as an aggressive lymphoma. I did ultimately decide to have the chips made and the order was placed while receiving chemotherapy. They were shipped from CPC, amazingly, while we celebrated the end of chemo in, of all places, Hawaii.

View attachment 595991View attachment 595992View attachment 595989View attachment 595990

I really dig the Sex Wax chips. I am a currently landlocked surfer and always a fan of Mr Zogs Sex Wax. I wasn't around at PCF since a very long time and might have missed some of the great samples around. As hope dies last, if possible I would love to get a sample set of those?


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Nov 22, 2018
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129 West 81st Street, Apartment 5B
Sorry to have missed this. Figure it’s worth a comment. Congratulations to everyone included, it’s nice to have your time and efforts applauded.

Especially @Perthmike (all time #1 custom imo), @Chippy McChiperson , @krafticus. While I’m not actively chipping atm, I consider your custom samples amongst my absolute favorites in my trove. Stoked you’re able to check that box next to your sets.
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