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Do you find this inlay ugly ?

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Don Clay

Full House
Apr 24, 2013
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hi all,
some quick pictures :)







PS : I don't know why, but I couldn't upload pictures from computer and had to UL form URL.
Not sure either but inserting images via URL is better IMO anyway. I fixed the links, there seemed to be extra tags.
I thought the inlays and chips were kinda ugly. Then I got a small set and fell in love with the 5's and 100's so I bought more to make a bigger usable set. I was never very crazy about the 1's, 2's, or 25's but the color combo on the 5's and 100's and then later the 500's was enough to get me to want a bigger set. It certainly wasn't my first choice for an inlay so I'm kind of torn. If we are just judging the inlay and not the color of the chips I'd say they are ugly but looking past the inlay to the colors on some of the chips I can overlook the inlay.

TLDR; chip colors and edge spots help me overlook the inlay. To me the inlay is plain and a rather boring but those colors are pretty fantastic on some of the chips.

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Thinking about how I relabel every other casino chip, if these were relabeled with a sweet sticker these chips would be off the chart!
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The Paulson chips are really nice. So the inlay is a little.... "meh". You got Paulsons for a great price? Then: "way to go, man".
I really like the inlay. 1/4 pie $1s, great color combo on the $25s, and 8v hundos make this set a win for me.
Even the fugly inlays can't make those chips look ugly! Great set, Nico!

I really like the inlay. 1/4 pie $1s, great color combo on the $25s, and 8v hundos make this set a win for me.
I don't own any, but I don't think the $1s are quarter pies, Phil. Take a closer look.

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IMO, you could do a lot worse.
Yeah, I think that's taken from the classroom material for "Make Great Chips Ugly 101". Wow. Just wow.

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Back to the fugly inlays... In case you hadn't already seen it, here's Jim's delivery van:


I took that photo with my cell phone while sitting at a traffic light - true story!
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Can we add a third option to the poll? "I take the 5th" :p
Jackstraw's picture is a good one. It shows more of the edge spots and colors of the CHIPS and not so much the inlay. That being said, those chips are nice, eye-pleasing paulsons contrasted to the poor inlay design which probably causes many to think the chips are "fugly". When buying used (or new) existing casino chips you either grab em while you can, or you pass on them. It's a subjective decision that each has to make for themselves. My personal tastes would cause me to pass on these particular chips unless I could re-label them. That is another subjective decision based on total cost effectiveness and willingness to relabel many, many chips.
I think the inlays ruin these particular chips, BUT: I stand by my previous post here that if you got nice Paulsons at a great price, more power to you!
Yeah the chip colors and edgespots are definitely great for sure. I think its probably my 1st or 2nd favorite 5 and 100 chip for sets I've owned. I did vote ugly but obviously the inlay wasn't bad enough to cause me to pass because I still owned a set of these for awhile lol. I do miss these chips sometimes so I hope your taking good care of them Jackstraw! :)

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