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Nov 3, 2019
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Whistler, BC
Hey guys, so this is my first tournament in a long time, and first with my new DDLM set. I do run weekly cash games so I'm no newb to hosting, but we've hired a bartender and are having the guys get together for the first time in a long time so I want to keep it really friendly and fun. It's a small game with 6 guys, the goal is to keep guys playing, having fun, reward solid play but not have anyone sitting out right away for being donks.

4 hour game
1/2/3 prizes (3rd goes home with their initial buy in)
$100 maximum buy in for everyone including re-buys.

$40-50 initial buy in ($10 bounty in there)
$20-25 re-buys. (should we have additional bounties on re-buys?)

This is what I'm thinking:
T20K in aT100/200 structure (that's what I have for chips so don't recommend T25 ;) )

T100 x 10
T500 x 4
T1000 x 7
T5000 x 2
bounty chip x 1
rebuy chips x 2

T1000 & 5000 for colour ups.

Re-buys up to round #5
Anyone with rebuy chips after round 5 can turn them in for bonus chips (1000, 5000?)

How many chips with re-buys? T10000? Which app should I use? Blinds up? Any additional advice would be awesome, am I missing anything?

Thanks guys.
My $0.02.

$50 buy-in with two max $25 rebuys each (that covers your $100 max). Our games don't pay out bounties until a player is eliminated. If they rebuy, there is no elimination. Each rebuy would get them another 20k. I've never cashed in rebuy chips, but 1k each would be reasonable.

Maybe go with a SS of 10-6-6-2. Small thing, but the 500's won't leave the table, so I think it'd be okay to have a few more.

I've used Blinds Up and really like it. Custom bust out screens are a big hit with the players.

Using this structure, the game should end around level 11-12 (With an estimated 3 rebuys from 6 players, that puts 180k in play. Game should end when there is about 7200 in the pot to start). At 20 min levels, that'll put you around 4 hrs.

1. 100-100
2. 100-200
3. 200-300
4. 200-400
5. 300-600
*** break - end of rebuy period ***
6. 400-800
7. 600-1200
8. 800-1600
9. 1500-3000 (color up 100's)
10. 2000-4000
*** break ***
11. 2500-5000
12. 3000-6000
13. 4000-8000
14. 5000-10000
15. 6000-12000
great tips. I guess the only thing I would change is bounties, I like the player who busts someone to get rewarded for a kill regardless if whether or not the other players night is over.
Maybe in that case

$40 initial buy in and $30 subsequent.Each buy in gets $10 bounty chip. Edit: I've made this a re-entry tourny and that solves the bounty issues. $40 each time.
And then if I’m giving 20k with each rebuy maybe they rebuy chips are worth 2000 to further reward those who aren’t busting in round 5.
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