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Feb 4, 2020
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Hello from NYC's greatest borough. I'm a low-stakes amateur who plays for fun but has realized that he nonetheless likes playing with the good stuff. I was turned on to this site by @Senzrock. I'm already impressed by and grateful for the community here.

I've just about completed putting together a cash game set of Paulson Classics. I'm glad I play tourneys as well because it gives me a reason to get another set of chips. :^) Dreaming of a Paulson Le Noir tourney set, but there are so many other choices as well...

Greetings to all.
Welcome!! Love the ambition!!! Hope you find yourself at home here! Cheers!
Welcome from across the Hudson.
Hello and welcome!
I live in Riverdale Bronx. I host a game once a month, on the first Sunday. I just ordered the WSOP tournament set and you’re welcome to check them out. I have a bunch of shuffle stacks from ABC, Sunfly TRK and RHC/THC. I had classics too, but sold them.
My main (and only for now) set is a custom Matsui. We play .25/.50 NLHM.
Welcome, cool avatar. Looks the work of the late great Sol DeWitt and also inspires new and exciting edgespot patterns.
For sure, I can only host 10 max. But that heads up table @T_Chan has...

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