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Mar 30, 2020
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Beaumont ca
Hey everyone! Always have had a love for casino/ poker chips. Only collected singles in the past except for the time I went to the Paulson store in Vegas years and years ago. I only bought a few chips cause I only had so much money when I was younger. Seeing how much Paulson chips are worth now, I wish I took advantage of how many chips they had available and the price they were selling for. At the time I thought they were pricey. If I only knew. The collections i have seen on this forum are just awesome and I can’t wait to put a set of chips together. Anyways glad to be on this forum!

I think this guy will like our project.

Welcome. You will like this place. Here is what Josh is talking about: our custom tournament set that is in the works.

Those look sweet!! Love how you have both the earlier and later ( smaller and larger) tree design

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