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Mar 2, 2020
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Highland, Illinois
Hello everyone I’m new the clay chip world and was wanting to get my first set of nice chips. i have seen a few sets I like but being brand new to page I can’t respond to anything in the classifieds so I came to ask you guys what is a good price to be looking at for a 500;chip set for tournament/cash play
Hello and welcome! Answer to your question depends largely on your budget. You could spend anywhere from $50 up to several thousands on a 500-set :)
Hello and welcome. You’ll find plenty of info here on PCF and be in the classifieds in no time. As mentioned, price point can vary greatly depending on chip type so do your research...and follow rule #1 - never talk about, wait, that’s not it. Oh yeah - get samples!
Yeah, 500 dice chips is $25, 500 Sunset Beach oversize tourney chips is like $4-5000. We need more info!
price point will vary depending on chip martial, age, condition, rarity, collectability and desirability, etc.
$300 for a 600 chip set is a good starting point and you'll find a lot of options.

If you are looking for a cash set, jump into the The Chip exchange sale. Presidents’ Day Weekend Sale
If you are looking for a tournament set go to Apache poker
do you mean don't use same denominations or same design?

Generally both but specifically design. Wouldn’t want to risk players pocketing chips that are ncv on tournament nights only to sneak them into play on cash game nights.

And of course, seperate sets mean you ”need” moar chips! Which I’ve been told is a good thing :)
Thanks for info I never really thought about the pocket sneaking in home games. We play pretty low limit games but everyone has amazon sets and I’m wanting something nicer casino feel and sound and different from everyone eles. The more I look around I can see a addiction forming on a collection starting
get samples!
Get samples!
The more I look around I can see a addiction forming on a collection starting

Yep, it's an addiction like no other. Tread lightly, but enjoy and have fun on your quest.

Get samples friend. Trust me, get them. Figure out FIRST, what you'll like. There are so many variances with respect to what will kind of be to your liking. Samples can be bought and sold right here in the classifieds for pretty much break even prices.
I’m baffled with how bid of a market/supply demand there is. I just know I don’t like the chip sets on Amazon for 40 to 80 bucks I want them to feel and sound like I’m playing in the local poker room at the casino
Good price for 500 chips...

Depends how nice you want...

Cheap & crappy: a few boxes of 4g plastic interlocking chips.

Cheap & ok (<10c/chip): skip the 11.5g dice chips and go with 8.5 super diamonds.

Nice enough to wow your non-chipper friends (15-20c/chip): any of the 13.5 Claysmith chips are rather nice for the price.

Quality, but not quite professional grade (35-45c/chip): Milanos or Majestics. They're pretty close; Majestics sound a tiny bit better, Milanos stack a tiny bit better. I hear Royals blow em both out of the water, but I've never handled them.

Professional grade (70c-$3/chip): ceramics are cheaper, and CPC/ASM is currently the best home chip you can buy. They cost accordingly.

That should get you started.

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