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May 27, 2020
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Just received my 500pc Cash/Tournament set of SunFly Mosaics ceramics in the mail!

They stack amazingly well, no flatness issues or spinners at all. The printing on the faces is superb and they have a nice grainy texture to them. I love the modern design, which in my opinion really sets them apart from old-fashioned clays (don't get me wrong, I also like those, but I still have to save a bit until I can get myself a custom CPC set) .

The only downside I see so far is that the edges are rounded a bit too much and thus you can see some of the ink from the face on the sides of a stack.

I got myself a set of Fournier 2818 Cardcasino and Modiano Platinum Acetates with it (both Poker Size, Jumbo Index) as an upgrade from my old Bicycle Prestige whose ink is starting to get scratched off from practicing shuffling for hours.

Looking forward to hosting my first home game soon! Also, I somehow already have the itch to design CPC chips...


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