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Dec 19, 2014
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Eggenwil / Switzerland
For keep Rec's playing the poker room should take any rake at all. But I should take 15% on the cashed out amount.

So in the end winning players pay the rake and Rec's will stay longer in the game.

What do you think of this idea?
Can't see that working.

For one thing, if I bought in for $300, and cashed out for $200. I would be pretty miffed if I had to pay $30 to the house after losing $100.

Second, the rake will not be able to sustain the poker room. When raking the pot you're raking 10% for every transaction, so the rake collected will be far higher than 10% of the total buy-ins. For instance in a live game, if you have 10 players who buy-in for an average of $400, you average 30 hands per hour, the average potsize is $80, and you're raking the pot at 10% capped at $4, you're raking a max of $120/hour out of $4000 at the table. A game lasting 8 hours would collect max $960 in rake.
Online typically has more like 5% rake, and brick & mortar places have 10% around here, but your general math is sound. The site is giving up an awful lot of revenue if cashouts are raked, and raking cashouts is hitting people in a way that make the fee really "in your face."

Note that the cost of running an online site, per table, is quite low, so they have wiggle room.

Here's an idea:

Charge a typical 5% rake. Site calculates rake earned from each player. Loose fish generate much more rake (early calls make the rake; sharks raising in later rounds are usually betting over the rake cap, anyway.)

24 hours after cashing out - or 48 hours of no play - the site automatically puts 1/2 the rake earned over the prior three days right back into the player's account, and notifies them. It's not called rakeback, it's just "action reward" or something. This draws the fish right back, and rewards them in line with the action they generate. It doesn't reward rocks and bots, who generally don't contribute as much to the rake, and who don't want to stop playing for two days to get the reward. It definitely encourages recreational players and entices them back.
I don't believe your idea will work, here is why:

PEOPLE DON'T NOTICE RAKE NORMALLY: When you win a pot you aren't really paying attention to the rake. If you only get raked when you cashout, you're going to notice it, and that's bad for the online poker room.

THE POKER ROOM NEEDS OPERATIONAL FUNDS: If the room needs to wait until someone cashes out to make any revenue, they'll have difficulty covering their day-to-day expenses waiting for future revenues (unless they pull a Full Tilt Poker and just spend spend spend and not worry about player balances)
To save online poker, let the US players back in.

As for rake, I have won 6bb/100 hands over 50,000 hands. Of the money I won, 25% is my net winnings, 25% came from my rakeback deal and the rest went to pay the rake (approx).

Recreational (aka bad or breakeven) players have no chance, they will always eventually lose everything; which is why sites offer them reload bonuses.

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