New poker movie in 2017 - Molly's Game


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Mar 29, 2013
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....About an hour from me in New York State, there is a club—not high stakes, but very active—which is incorporated explicitly as a poker club. It operates as a membership organization, out in the open. They have been doing this for about 12-15 years. I’ve seen the incorporation papers, and there is no attempt to hide what it is about. The State approved them, and they have a tax-exempt determination. How this happened and continues, I don’t know, but apparently the authorities are cool with it....
Might this be "The Poker Club, LLC"? in Rochester?


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Feb 25, 2016
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If you have the nuts, why would it matter if your opponent had QQ?! And if you laid down your hand because your opponent said he had QQ, THEN YOU DIDN'T HAVE THE NUTS!!!

Also, maybe things are different in New York, but generally, it is a violation of judicial and attorney ethics to have an ex parte conversation about a case. When the Judge called up the two US Attorneys to the bench before sentencing, Charlie Jaffey (Idris Elba, Molly's attorney) would be obligated to report both attorneys and the Judge, or be in violation of ethics himself.

I agree its not a poker movie, but there was alot of poker in it. From a poker persepctive, they got alot right. I wish they woulda spent time with chips and cards, though. I saw the Gemaco's. But with a professional dealer, I would have expected them to order a $15 set of Copags, or even a $30 set of KEMs. Even the MB branded China clays were silly. So many better options out there, and someone would have called it out. Can you imagine being Tobey Maquire, I mean "Player X" -- he may not know what he's played with, but he's sat at the World Series... wouldn't he suggest a chip upgrade when stacks of 20 dice chips topple over? Plus, using red, green and blacks as whatever denomination they were using them as... without hotstamps or labels, I would think it would be confusing... Especially if the same players are playing in other games.
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