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Feb 16, 2023
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Very cool forum, I posted on Reddit showing off my new custom poker table. I’m currently looking for my first set of Paulsons, I need a set to play some cash games, I really love the feel and weight of them. Figured I’ll make the most of my first post with some questions

Recommend chip count for 1 table .50/1 NLH ?

If I can’t find a Paulson set, what would you buy for the feel and weight ?

Welcome from east central MO! If your budget allows for Paulsons, get Paulsons -- you'll be able to find plenty of them here.
Single table cash, I recommend a minimum of:

$.50 x 100
$1 x 200
$5 x 200
$25 x 80
$100 x 20

$.50 can be .25 if you prefer quarters. And you can add racks of $1s and $5s to this breakdown if you like more chips on the table. But this is a pretty decent starting set for a single table.

Something like this:

Good luck!
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How many people 1 table, how deep do people buy/rebuy? If it's 6 handed really shallow and few rebuys you can get by with 400 chips. If it's 7+, deep and rebuy heavy you want around 600. Since you're playing .5/1 you can get by with fewer fracs if you get 50c chips and skip quarters.

Good starting point for denomination counts
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